2023 test

2023 test

                                                            23nd Annual Brownotter Buffalo Auction - Ron & Carol Brownotter, Owners - Bullhead, South Dakota


10:00 AM MST / 11:00 AM CST

Buffalo are located in the heart of buffalo country, near Bullhead, SD (from McLaughlin SD, 10.5 miles south on Hwy 63, 17.5 miles west on BIA 4, and 8.5 miles north to the ranch).  Selling their entire 2023 Buffalo Calf crop--over 420 prime head including 200+/- Bull Calves (heavy and medium weight lots) and 200+ Heifer Calves (heavy and medium weight lots).  Also selling 20+/- Yearling Bulls.

ROUND UP NOVEMVBER 27TH:  The  Brownotter Roundup is NOV. 27th Please check back after Nov. 28th for updates on CLASSES, WEIGHTS and NUMBERS.  All Brownotter Buffalo will have dangle ear tags and ID ear clips for identification.  All have  7 Way, Nasalgen, Dectomax and Mycoplasma.  Heifer calves are non-OCV. Any additional Vet work required is at the Buyers risk and cost.  Weights will be taken on Nov. 28-29 on electronic scale (non certified).  Loadout/working facilities are excellent.  Payment by wire transfer only.  Buffalo loadout only after wire transfer has been verified.  Seller will guarantee a healthy (non-injured) buffalo on your truck/trailer.


The “Light” cut bull and heifer calves are retained annually and sold next year as Yearling Bulls and Yearling Heifers. 


27903 US-12, Mobridge, South Dakota 57601